‘Beauty awakens the soul to act’

                              Dante Alighier

Kaye Forster, Environmental Artist


Artist Statement

Kaye Forster is an environmental artist who explores the interconnection between consumer and fragile ecologies; a passion which was supported and given direction while still an undergraduate at Curtin University, Australia.

“While my works like One Earth, Our Earth, still allude to the brutal truth of a planet accelerating toward ecocide, conversely, I also like highlighting our human potential to cooperatively innovate environmental solutions before it’s too late.  And, it seems increasingly obvious that our younger generation; passionate, scientifically informed - with refreshing integrity - are now globally providing this key toward our beautiful planet’s redintegration.  


My art listens to their song; considers, anticipates, dissolves boundaries, and celebrates!”

Kaye  holds a BA (Art) with High Distinction, and a MVA (Visual Arts)