Beauty awakens the soul to act’

                                                     Dante Alighier


Kaye Forster, Environmental Artist


Artist Statement

For many years my art has explored the interconnection between our consumer ideology and fragile ecologies. During this time, I have drawn upon scientific, philosophical and literary research; traditional art practices such as sculpture, painting, and drawing as well as vintage and modern photographic processes to highlight our natural world’s plight, resilience and beauty.  

The artworks in each series synergize –often in sculptural form - recycled consumer elements; glass, metals, plastics, papers; feathers, dead insects, saps, water and botanicals, all sourced from human compromised, ancient wetlands, waterways and forests.  Threads of metaphoric content connect each series and consider the long-term impact of urban development within those ecosystems.

While art pieces sometimes lament our consumer-conditioned Western values; for example, the work, One Earth, Our Earth, I am predominately driven and profoundly inspired by our human potential - and a rapidly emerging caring and willingness-  to cooperatively innovate environmental solutions. Thus my work considers, anticipates; dissolves existing boundaries, and celebrates!

"By changing space, by leaving the space of one's usual sensibilities, one enters into communication with a space that is psychically innovating…. For we do not change place, we change our nature."


Gaston Bachelard 1964

Kaye is represented by Anthea Polson Art,

Queensland, Australia

Ph: (07) 5561 1166






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